Buying property in Quebec? Learn how to manage your money to make your property profitable

Worth It Labs provides clear financial projections for real‑estate buyers who want to make smart investment decisions.

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Find the ideal price to pay for a property

Every property is a good investment — at the right price. Easily adjust the price and down payment in our calculator to improve your negotiation power and optimize your return on investment.

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Understand your property’s monthly expenditures

Properties come with many on-going expenditures, from the mortgage to taxes, that can quickly become complicated to calculate. We account for all of that, plus insurance, vacancy loss, and other often ignored amounts to give you a clear picture of how you should expect to budget.

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Know when you’ll make your money back

We’d all like to have comfort in knowing when our property will pay off so we can send our kids to school or buy that sleek boat for retirement. Our technology makes sense of all the financial details to give you a clear estimate of when you will break even and begin to make money.

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We work with agents and buyers to instill confidence in investment decisions

We understand the expertise that real estate agents bring to the decision-making process. We work directly with them to provide value added services to their clients and maintain an honest and transparent relationship that caters to the needs of the buyer.